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Charles Blewett

May 26, 2021
Updated on:
May 26, 2021

Resources for Small Business Employers

Staying on top of employer obligations

Staying in compliance with federal labor laws can be daunting. This resources page published and maintained by the United States Department of Labor will help you determine if you are complying with current labor laws in the United States. These resources are divided into eight category headings to help you make sure you are following the rules of the game of being an employer. You can click each of these categories to be directly taken to each of these resources web pages.

  1. Pay & Benefits
  2. Posters & Recordkeeping
  3. Veterans’ Issues
  4. Mining Industry
  5. Safety & Health
  6. Youth Employment
  7. Federal Contractor
  8. All Advisors

Each of these pages has a listing of the topics and resources available to you. Be sure to check out these useful articles when you are designing your business model and answering questions about employer compliance regulations.

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