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Managerial Duties & Your Role as Owner

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Charles Blewett

August 16, 2023
Updated on:
Nov 29, 2023

Small Business Survival Skills

How are you and your business surviving today? Are you still finding success?

Our pledge – Focus on your success…

At C and M, we are still hard at work assisting our clients, mutual small business owners. Supporting their operations with bookkeeping, payroll management, and website design with hosting.

Keep your financial picture precisely managed

Without proper financial accounting and upkeep, you can get behind on managerial duties. On top of these necessities, all of us have been under the added stress of high inflationary pressures. Couple this with increased social turmoil.

We hope that your anxiety levels in these uncertain times are manageable. If the divisive daily dose of news is worrisome, hang in there!

I believe it is our duty to keep fighting for our independent business ventures. It is critical that we continue to provide the services and products to our customers while offering them better value and unique solutions.

All the while keeping your profit margin positive. That last item demands planning and implementation.

This doesn’t necessarily mean undercutting on price but instead, we should be listening very closely to our market audience and deliver what they need or want.

Clarity in a crowded marketplace

It is not about what we want to sell to our prospects but about how we can help them solve a problem or meet a new goal.

Look at it this way and think about providing a personalized experience. Your website content, social media posts, video content.

Prove to your prospects that you get them and are better equipped to meet their needs. You will also need to be ready to deliver on your promises after the sale.

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No Crystal Ball

Time to continue your marketing campaign

Learning what our market audience needs and personalizing it to address these is hard but not impossible. The tools at hand are subtle but readily available.

Content that speaks to a single person can be hard to accomplish.

To stand out in the crowded marketplace, you probably already have enough information about your ideal customer to create a persona, a model of these characteristics.

Gear your marketing efforts towards providing the right solutions to your target market. The right solutions that are within your area of expertise.

Your prospect needs to feel that you get them and can relate. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Why should they hire you? Why not spend their hard earned money on one of your competitors product or service offerings?

These are important questions to ask yourself when planning and implementing a marketing program for your company.

Stay Motivated to be the best at what you do

Our intention is to motivate you to seek out how your company can better serve your customers. Tailor your campaign to demonstrate that you are the best fit for their needs.

Manny and I are here to help you weed through many of the multitude of business realities.

You as the owner need to build you team for best performance to prove your worth to you market. Show them that you have what it takes to bring an easy solution to what is keeping them up at night.

Listening is the key to addressing this search for a solution.

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If you need business support, either with company financial record keeping drop us a line here.


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