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Our Mission

At C and M Companies Inc, we strive to help your company meet your business goals. Whether it is through our accounting services — we love payroll, accounting, and record keeping — or our newest offering in digital marketing through website development, we measure our success by the level of your company’s successes.

Our clientele have different industry requirements and we find the right solutions to address their specific needs. We go beyond providing basic bookkeeping, payroll, website design & hosting, and marketing to help our small business partners flourish. We provide additional suport, direction, and our at-the-ready attitude to tackle most new challenges.

— C & M Bookkeeping

All businesses must keep track of their financial transactions but the small business owner can get behind due to multiple responsibilities. We offer competitively priced accounting solutions for the time-crunch many owners are faced with while running their operations.

C & M Bookkeeping’s mission is to help our clients succeed by keeping their company’s accounting record accurate and up to date. If our clients can see trends, both good and bad, they can correct their course before it is too late. We stay on top of the bookkeeping, financial reports, and more so our clients can run their business effectively. We can provide accounting record keeping setup, create managerial financial reports, and perform payroll services for small employers.

Employers tax collection and payment resposnibilities are managed as part of our Payroll Services. We concentrate on doing two things really well at a competitive rate: Bookkeeping and Payroll.

We use QuickBooks Accountant software and support both QuickBooks Online and Xero Online. We can meet face to face at our office in Reno, Nevada or set up your company in the cloud with either online option. For our cloud accounting solutions, we can meet on Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts.

To learn more about C & M Bookkeeping, visit our website here.

— Website Design

Our newest addition to our menu of services are website designs geared towards gaining access to your company’s target market. We utilize WordPress premium theme creations to accomplish modern, mobile friendly designs. Then we can securely host your WordPress business website on managed hosting servers that are monitored 24/7/365 days a year.

Our digital marketing services include websites that focus on your core business keywords to match your target market. Call today to learn more about our digital marketing planning and strategies.

Call Charles or Manuel – Se Habla Español – today to talk about your company’s accounting or payroll functions.


  • Double-Entry Bookkeeping
  • Custom Chart of Accounts
  • Accrual or Cash Basis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • QuickBooks Setup
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable


  • Payroll Tax Deductions
  • Check Printing
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Electronic Payments
  • Quarterly Payroll Reports
  • 1099 & W-2
  • State Wage Report
  • IRS 940, 941, & 944

Business Support

  • Nevada Sales Tax Reports
  • AR Aging Reports
  • Managerial Reports
  • Billing Service
  • Administrative Support
  • Invoicing
  • Construction in Process
  • Progress Billing Service

Digital Marketing

  • Business Website Designs
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Secured Managed Hosting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Target Market Analysis
  • SEO Architecture
  • Image Optimization
  • User Experience Dev

Our Team

Thank you for your interest in C and M Companies Inc. We love our clients and want to see them succeed. Your success is as important as our success. We offer personalized service with both our on-sight local service and our cloud-based options. Call for a free consultation.

Manuel Rivera

Accounting and Administration

Manuel has a business background and earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.  He has pursued continuing education studies and has successfully earned the esteemed Universal Accounting Center certifications:

Manuel is fluent in English and Spanish languages. His dependability has earned him the respect of many local small business owners.

Co-owner charley blewett

Charley Blewett

Marketing and Design

My early background included a tour in the U.S. Coast Guard, a landscaper/horticulturalist, an industrial mechanic, and a journeyman electrician.

I earned the Universal Accounting Center Professional Bookkeeper certificate to understand the process and support Manuel. My current area of focus is in copywriting and content development for digital marketing success.

I have always had a love of writing. I like to understand how things work. This passion gets me onto tangents that help create a complete picture of what is needed.

I love hiking the mountain trails around our beautiful part of the world with my husband and our beloved dog, Rammy.

Income Taxes

At C&M Bookkeeping, we work very hard for our clients providing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting support aimed at payroll, transactional, and record keeping organization for small businesses. This includes the necessary reports - the company’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement - used in income tax reporting preparations for the business portion of tax returns based on the information provided to us for accounting and record keeping purposes.

We are not tax preparers and do not provide tax advice nor tax return preparation services. We suggest to our clients and prospective clients to always consult a professional tax advisor - such as a state registered Attorney or Certified Public Accountant or an Internal Revenue Service certified Enrolled Agent - for both your business and personal tax planning, compliances and tax return concerns.