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We are the parent company of two distinctive brands focused on your business prosperity —  C & M Bookkeeping and CharleyBlue Designs

How can your company compete with large corporations with huge budgets? Build a team to help you perform at their level. As your administrative partners, we will help you perform like the corporate heavyweights.

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Manny, Charley, & Rammy dogs!

Meet Manny, Charley, & Rammy Dogs!

Serving the greater Reno, Nevada small business community since 2011

Introducing our two subsidiary companies

C & M Bookkeeping

  • Employee Payroll administration
  • Bookkeeping Financial Record Keeping
  • QuickBooks Specialists
  • Dedicated Administrative Support

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CharleyBlue Designs

  • Modern & Responsive Web Designs
  • Copywriting to Increase Sales
  • Content Marketing & Creation
  • Social Media Post Creations & Campaigns

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Your company’s administrative support team

Get a devoted team committed to keeping your business running smoothly

While you are engaged in managing the company’s routine operations, do you find that some of the important administrative responsibilities get put on the back burner? Frequently, these Back-Office assignments are relegated for another day which can lead to a backlog of tasks needing your attention.

We specialize in providing Payroll & Bookkeeping services through our C & M Bookkeeping brand, and Content Management, Web Design & Digital Marketing through our CharleyBlue Designs brand. Your company’s success is our main goal and the primary mission for both of our brands.

Our clients know that when we are on board helping them complete these duties, they have more time to manage and delegate other responsibilities. If you would like to get help with these commitments and see your company run smoothly, Give Charley and Manny a call and schedule a meeting. We can be reached by phone and email. Call or Write to C & M Companies Inc today

C and M Companies Inc

Your mission-critical management support people!

Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Pro

C & M Bookkeeping – Accounting Services

Website Design & Digital Marketing

CharleyBlue Designs – Digital Marketing

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C & M Bookkeeping and CharleyBlue Designs

Who is taking care of your company’s admin duties?
— Company bookkeeping tasks.
— Employee payroll administration.
— Sales copywriting & content creation.
— Digital marketing & brand awareness.

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We know firsthand what it is like to take that leap and become one’s own boss. We can help you manage some of the risks involved. Give us a call to discuss our accounting and marketing options for your business success. Our office number is (775) 525-6212. Dial extension 1 for accounting or extension 2 for marketing services.

We have you covered:

  • Payroll and Bookkeeping Management
  • Administrative Support
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Digital SEO Marketing
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We are devoted to help our local small business community succeed.

Big corporations employ large administrative teams to maintain the business fundamentals such as accounting and marketing.

How will you keep track of your company’s financial transactions? Is the classic Shoebox filing cabinet getting out of hand? We can help you get this organized and ready to go.

Do you have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to your payroll obligations? IRS, 941’s, SSI, oh my! Fret not, we can help you meet all your payroll obligations.

Are you able to stand out in front of your desired customer audience? You know that there are many digital marketing channels available. Do you know which ones to choose and how to implement a campaign? We can help you with this too — marketing to your prospects!

Let us help you reach your main objective – To be successful and to make a profit.

Our Two brands – C & M Bookkeeping and CharleyBlue Designs,

Are Now Divisions of C and M Companies Inc

Our Company Journey

We founded C & M Bookkeeping, LLC in 2011 to provide professional bookkeeping services to the greater Reno, Nevada area small business community. Soon after we were asked to provide payroll services and today, we help over 25 businesses maintain high operating standards by keeping these accounting functions running smoothly. Manuel’s background in business administration and Charley’s background in design and marketing allow for a diverse skillset used to greatly enhance our client’s operations. We have combined our dedicated efforts in collaboration with our small business clients at achieving and maintaining their success. We are one business that continues to provide two important service concentrations in accounting and marketing.
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C & M Bookkeeping

Payroll & Bookkeeping Solutions

We love providing our small business clients with individualized support experiences to help them achieve professional success. Manuel is the master of accounting for our clients. He provides expert QuickBooks mastery for complete bookkeeping maintenance. He will ensure that your company’s payroll obligations are accurate and on-time. No late penalties with C and M on your side.

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Accounting for Small Business

Our accounting brand still focuses on providing a set of key services to small business enterprises. Owners can be assured of accuracy while gaining time to enhance their daily managerial engagements. The cost benefit can be calculated in the hours-per-week directors save by outsourcing financial record keeping, payroll responsibilities, and administrative support to C and M Companies Inc.

CharleyBlue Designs

Digital Communications – Web Design & Marketing

Over on the marketing side of running a successful company, Charley creates stellar web designs in conjunction with overall brand development. WordPress Managed Hosting packages so there is worry-free website control. Digital marketing services include keyword research for organic search engine optimization for first-page placement, social media, and email campaigns.

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Digital Marketing for Small Business

Our digital marketing brand will continue concentrating on bringing your company’s identity to life through strategies geared to your industry, addressable and target markets, website design, and social media and advertising campaigns. We research intensively to achieve the greatest brand exposure possible. We strive to keep cost minimized by offering service features that reduce many programming burdens so we are able to concentrate the most attention to designs that reach your market.

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Dedicated to your success!

Manny & Charley

Meet Manuel Rivera

As our CEO and chief accountant, I use my background in small business management to help our clients achieve the well-being that comes with keeping these critical functions running smoothly. I am pleased when my client’s are feeling secure in our abilities to help them remain successful in their daily operations.

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Meet Charley Blewett

As the marketing manager for C and M Companies, I bring my passion for building our client’s brand. Company identity development, target market research, quality keyword optimization analysis, functional website design, and digital advertising campaigns are my main focus.

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We work hard for your success!

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