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MAXimize your Accounting & Marketing Results

When a Small Business Owner … the backbone of the American economy … struggles with some of the managerial tasks necessary for their company’s success, everyone in our communities suffer.

Dear Small Business Owner:

What do we do when we encounter a struggling new business owner? We throw them a lifeline … by provide critical accounting and direct response marketing support.

They count on C and M Companies to make certain that their business efforts are on track to succeed.

  • Bookkeeping Management … Their company’s financial picture is kept accurately up-to-date. This creates a smoother operational environment for our clients.
  • Payroll Management … Their employees are paid and their company’s payroll tax liability is managed. Another business necessity managed so they can focus more on critical daily operations..
  • Direct Response Marketing … Their sales are increased by attracting new leads through great copywriting.  Taking the burden of writing great content off our client’s plate.
  • Relieving Some of the Stresses … They quickly learn that running a business comes with new responsibilities. We help them meet these with dedication and understanding.

IF performing your company’s administrative tasks are taking too much TIME… Time away from your other management duties … We have solutions for you.

So You Can …

  • Focus more of your energy on running and improving your business … management reports are at your fingertips.
  • Meeting with prospective clients so your sales revenues experience new growth through New Sales.
  • Develop your employees skills set and increase their value to your operations … Building productivity.
  • Increase your personal quality time and build a healthy career life balance … keeping your home life happy.

Be the hero in your business success story

A Success Story

One of our clients, a contractor, was frustrated with his payroll tax obligations. He kept missing deadlines and was getting fined by the IRS.

He was focused on winning new contracts and keeping his crew busy. He struggled with meeting the payroll tax filing deadline requirements. But he knew how to build houses successfully.

He heard about Manny at our accounting firm, C & M Bookkeeping. Manny met with him and presented our proposal for payroll service.

After he accepted, we helped him get caught up with the past due payroll payments. And it has been smooth sailing since.

This brief success story is just one of many. Our client’s depend on this kind of help from us. And we deliver.

Big Corps Have Admin Departments, Why Not You?

If you’re struggle with administrative tasks, you are not alone. Many new business owners find these jobs challenging.

Large companies have staff to perform these back-office duties. As a small business owner, you will want to have certain information. Like your company’s cash flow numbers.

Your employees will want to have a regular paycheck. The government will want its share on a regular basis.

And – you want to have a continuous stream of new sales calls. New clients = new revenue = growth.

How We Can Help You Succeed

We want to be your company accounting and marketing departments. Making it easier for you to tackle your other duties.

Your bookkeeping and payroll chores will be done right. Your payroll taxes will be paid along with your employees.

Our marketing department will help you promote your unique trade. Through a website that delivers the right information.

We have help many owners manage their company books, payroll, and websites since 2011. We would like to be your go-to accounting and marketing people.

You’re invited to schedule a free consultation to talk about your business support. Click the button below or call today.

Helping you manage your business’s admin duties

Manny, Charley, & Rammy dogs!

Meet Manny, Charley, & Rammy Dogs!

Are you looking for FREE business guides? — Head over to our flagship business – C & M Bookkeeping for some timely guides on important business topics. Things like Marketing, Sales, Accounting, and finding a business coach. Busy Business Owner’s Resource Center…

Payroll | Bookkeeping | Marketing Services

Call 775-525-6212 and get the C & M difference!

We are the parent company of C & M Bookkeeping – Helping you manage your financial accounting since 2011.

And CharleyBlue Designs – Helping you find new customers with digital marketing.

Se Habla Español

How will you get the best care for your operations? Take a look at what we do.

Get our free 30 minute consultation and talk about what your company needs to accomplish with C and M Companies.

Your Accounting Partners — C & M Bookkeeping…

  • Your Employee Payroll obligations administered right
  • Your company books kept accurately current
  • Your company Financial Reports at your convenience
  • Your company’s transactions organized in QuickBooks software
  • Managerial Administrative Support

Your Marketing Partners — CharleyBlue Designs…

  • Web Designs to help get & keep your prospective buyers interest
  • Your company getting good search engine results – SEO
  • Your site content tailored to answer prospects questions & needs
  • Fast and secure hosting managed for you
  • Help designing & enacting your marketing plan

Your company’s administrative support team

Get a devoted team committed to keeping your business running smoothly

While you are engaged in managing the company’s routine operations, do you find that some of the important administrative responsibilities get put on the back burner? Frequently, these Back-Office assignments are relegated for another day. This can lead to a backlog of tasks needing your attention.

We specialize in providing Payroll & Bookkeeping services through our C & M Bookkeeping brand. Your company’s success is our main goal and the primary mission for C and M Companies.

Are you reaching the right audiences with your marketing efforts? Starting with your website, CharleyBlue Designs can build one that address your specific prospect’s needs. Narrow your market audience by focusing on your unique promise to solve their specific problems.

Our clients know that when we are on board helping them complete these duties, they have more time to manage and delegate other responsibilities. If you would like to get help with these commitments and see your company run smoothly, Give Charley and Manny a call and schedule a meeting. We can be reached by phone and email. Call or Write to C & M Companies Inc today

C and M Companies Inc

Your mission-critical management support people!

Bookkeeping & QuickBooks Pro

C & M Bookkeeping – Accounting Services

Get Your Company Ready for Success!

Se Habla Español

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Who is taking care of your company’s admin duties? Things like…
— Company bookkeeping tasks?
— Employee payroll administration?
— Office support services?

Team members collaborating in conference room

We know firsthand what it is like to take that leap and become one’s own boss. We can help you manage some of the risks involved. Give us a call to discuss our accounting options for your business success. Our office number is (775) 525-6212.

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We are devoted to help our local small business community succeed.

Big corporations employ large administrative teams to maintain the business fundamentals such as accounting, administrative, operations, and sales and marketing.

How will you keep track of your company’s financial transactions? Is the classic Shoebox filing cabinet getting out of hand? We can help you get this organized and ready to go.

Do you have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to your payroll obligations? IRS, 941’s, SSI, oh my! Fret not, we can help you meet all your payroll obligations.

Let us help you reach your main objective – To be successful and to make a profit.

Our Company Journey

We founded C & M Bookkeeping, LLC in 2011 to provide professional bookkeeping services to the greater Reno, Nevada area small business community. Soon after, we added payroll services and today, we help over 25 businesses maintain high operating standards by keeping these accounting functions running smoothly.

Manuel’s background in business administration and Charley’s background in manufacturing, skilled trades, design, and marketing allow for a diverse skillset used to greatly enhance our client’s operations.

We have combined our dedicated efforts in collaboration with our small business clients at achieving and maintaining their success. We are one business that continues to provide excellent supportive services.

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C & M Bookkeeping

Payroll & Bookkeeping Solutions

We love providing our small business clients with individualized support experiences to help them achieve professional success. Manuel is the master of accounting for our clients. He provides expert QuickBooks mastery for complete bookkeeping maintenance. He will ensure that your company’s payroll obligations are accurate and on-time. No late penalties with C and M on your side.

Click here small business accounting solutions.

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Accounting for Small Business

Our accounting brand still focuses on providing a set of key services to small business enterprises. Owners can be assured of accuracy while gaining time to enhance their daily managerial engagements. The cost benefit can be calculated in the hours-per-week directors save by outsourcing financial record keeping, payroll responsibilities, and administrative support to C and M Companies Inc.

profit-loss above the line

Dedicated to your success!

Manny & Charley

Meet Manuel Rivera

As our CEO and chief accountant, I use my background in small business management to help our clients achieve the well-being that comes with keeping these critical functions running smoothly. I am pleased when my client’s are feeling secure in our abilities to help them remain successful in their daily operations.

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Man studying business charts

Meet Charley Blewett

As the VP of Operations and the marketing manager for C and M Companies, I bring my passion for building our client’s brand. Company identity development, target market research, quality keyword optimization analysis, functional website design, and digital advertising campaigns are my main focus.

Exceptional Customer Service is my main goal.

We work hard for your success!

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