Who’s Your Buyer?

Our ideal buyer

Written by Charley Blewett

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September 27, 2021

Buyer Profiles

Who will buy what you’re selling? Not knowing can mean lost profits.

Your buyer profiles are tied into the product or service that you are creating the sales content to influence buyers to take action on and make the purchase. A buyer profile includes demographic information along with other pieces of data that represents an ideal buy/user of your company’s solutions. Taking the time to think about, research your ideal buyer, and create the profile will improve your advertising spend with increased ROMI – Return on Marketing Investment. Your ad budget covers the advertising costs but not what goes into creating effective copy to garner the attention of your ideal buyer or buyers.

The “who is” is part of the why of the development or the promotion of your product or service. Your product or service provides a solution that your buyer will find useful, right? Or it helps them to accomplish a goal. Your great business idea must provide a solution that your market will value so you earn sales and hopefully make a profit. This article is not about product or service development and assumes that you have already done the math on the market feasibility of your business offerings.

Creating a profile identifying who your ideal buyer is can be a task that seems daunting but will still be very important. For a detailed course on buyer personas, check out this LinkedIn course. The more detailed picture that you have of the individual idealized buyer, the better your advertising copy will address these audiences. To accomplish this requires a commitment to researching this person. Gender, age or age range, masculine, feminine, hobbies, political affiliations, children, married, divorced…and so on. A lot of research goes into defining the ideal buyer persona so get started today on learning who will buy your great business idea.

We can help with this procedure of learning, describing, and creating your advertising prospective buyer profile to use in your next ad campaign. Call CharleyBlue Designs for our help getting to your target market.


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