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What is Your Company’s Value Proposition?

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Charles Blewett

August 25, 2021
Updated on:
Nov 30, 2023

Value Proposition

Define your company’s value to your customers

Your company’s Value Proposition is the reason why you are in business. It focuses on who will pay you for your products or services, so it is about your customers. As the name implies, you must constantly define what value you bring to your customers. You define who your desired customers are, define their problems and the solutions you provide, what are their interests and concerns, and answering why they should choose your company’s solutions over your competition are all part of this proposition.

You probably will not share this with your current or future clients, but it is the underpinning motivation for starting and operating your business. You already had an idea for why you went into business. Perhaps through observation, you devised a better way to provide a service than a current offering. Or you have come up with a new product that solves an existing problem better, cheaper, or more efficiently than existing products.

Regardless of the reason, being in business is about capitalizing on the value you provide to a paying customer. Defining this value is an important aspect of building and marketing a business for continued growth and success. This is also a good starting point for defining additional market planning tasks such as identifying your target market audience as well as the best medias to use to reach them.

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We have compiled a few relevant resources if you would like to dig deeper into this important aspect of managing a business.

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