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Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: February 22, 2022
Updated on:
Feb 4, 2023

We’re the parent company!

Two years ago – January 2020 – we incorporate our two diverse business endeavors. We call ourselves C and M Companies Inc. You might already know that we have been partners for over 10 years and I guess clever naming conventions are not our strong suit.

We have one corporation with two subsidiary companies. The subsidiaries continue our individual passions for providing excellence in service to the Northern Nevada small business community with the two distinctive brands you have come to know. We plan on continuing in this tradition, focusing on helping our clients succeed, improve their bottom line, and enrich this community that we live in.

Subsidiary #1 – C & M Bookkeeping

Manuel Rivera and Charley Blewett founded C & M Bookkeeping back in 2011 with the intent of providing an important business duty – bookkeeping – at an affordable price. We saw that many small enterprises were struggling with the accounting process.

Manuel has a background in business management and completed his BA degree. We both updated our skillset by enrolling in Universal Accounting Professional Bookkeeper certification courses. And we both successfully completed the program. Manny went on to complete their complementary QuickBooks Specialist program. And he is a QuickBooks expert!

We owe all the success of this operation to Manuel’s dedication to you and providing the timely accounting support you have come to expect. He also tackled the challenge of providing complete payroll administration for our clients.

Having a complete financial picture of your company is important to stay competitive in a tight and competitive market. Keeping your payroll responsibilities accomplished along with having accurate bookkeeping records available goes a long way towards success in small business.

Subsidiary #2 – CharleyBlue Designs

Charley – that’s me! – always loved the power of good design in his early career in the landscape construction industry. Times – economic and other – may have led him to other pursuits including industrial maintenance mechanic which led him further – and later in life – to become an industrial maintenance electrician. But I never lost the keen interest in good design efforts.

Four years ago, this led met to form CharleyBlue Designs to bring the design element into the hands of the small business operator. I can compete with the big companies and offer you a competitive advantage by learning about your company’s value and unique advantage to your prospective customers. I can help you reach out to this audience looking for your services.

I provide two things for my small business clients

  1. Website Design and hosting using a premium WordPress theme. This helps me keep the cost competitive because I do not have to spend time – and charge money – on writing code.
  2. Content Marketing services. After learning the unique value you provide to your customers, I can then write blogs and articles to show your audience your authority in your field. I can also help with managing your social media presence with graphics and copy.

Our focus for Northern Nevada small businesses

Having your bookkeeping records managed, having your payroll obligations covered, and having other mandatory administrative duties performed for you helps you remain focused on your operations. Having a managed web presence that answers your prospective customers basic needs that you service is another area of company importance in your journey towards success.

Accounting Necessities

Your company’s financial health cannot be a mystery. Having ready access to the business financial reports will go a very long way in managing success. Without these reports, you will be driving through a foggy landscape not able to see approaching problems. Your organization should have these minimum tasks completed every month:

Bookkeeping records provide company financial health reports:
Balance Sheet
Income Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Payroll accounting is important to prevent costly problems
Tax withholdings
Workers Comp insurance
Unemployment insurance obligations

Your Marketing Strategy

This should reflect your values, reason for getting into business, but most importantly, what can you do to answer your prospects pain points? What can you do to help them reach a positive outcome with a problem they are experiencing?

Your marketing strategy should reflect you
Websites need to address your target audience’s needs by putting yourself in their shoes.
Write for your audience, not for you.

Our Gratitude

We are honored to be a part of our client’s success stories. We plan to continue to offer our support in your company’s growth. It may be a cliche, but we truly are in this together. We are humbled to be a part of your extended family. Thank you.


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