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Our Corporate Mission

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Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: February 23, 2022
Updated on:
Nov 30, 2023

C and M Companies Inc Mission Statement

As the parent company for two subsidiary operations, our mission is to provide support options to the greater Reno, Nevada business community with affordable administrative support services. By forming and running this corporation to manage and optimize our bottom line, we can continue to focus our greatest attention on our small business clients and contribute mission critical accounting and marketing provisions. Manuel Rivera continues to support the accounting functions while Charley Blewett supports digital marketing efforts.

An 11-year Journey

The formation of this corporation allows the officers to maintain the highest level of service commitment. Our clients depend on us to manage these duties and enjoy the value that our low overhead allows us to pass on. Our humble beginnings as C & M Bookkeeping have evolved and now with the addition of CharleyBlue Designs, we proudly remain rooted in the Northern Nevada small business community.

Our Organization Flow

In our last article, we talked about our organizational chart. You can read about this latest growth of our company here.

Small Business Focus!

We support our clients’ success! Helping them obtain a higher level of profit through management improvements is our core function. We are truly happy when their efforts payoff in higher returns. This is our mission and commitment to our clients.
< href="https://cm-reno.com/2023-company-update/">Read about our 2023 Corporate Outlook here.


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