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One Company — Two Great Brands!

Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: April 16, 2020
Updated on:
Apr 16, 2020

C and M Companies Inc.

We have combined our dedicated efforts in collaboration with our small business clients at achieving and maintaining their success. One business that continues in providing two important service concentrations:

C & M Bookkeeping

Our accounting brand still focuses on providing a set of key services to small business enterprises. Owners can be assured of accuracy while gaining time to enhance their daily managerial engagements. The cost benefit can be calculated in the hours-per-week directors save by outsourcing financial record keeping, payroll responsibilities, and administrative support to C and M Companies Inc.

If your energies applied to keeping the bookkeeping records, payroll tax obligations, and other record keeping duties accurate, current, and available falls behind, give us a call at C and M Companies Inc. to discuss the cost benefit opportunities available to your organization through our accounting services.

CharleyBlue Designs

Our digital marketing brand will continue concentrating on bringing brands to life through strategies geared to our client’s industry, target markets, website design, and social media and advertising campaigns. We research intensively to achieve the greatest brand exposure possible. We strive to keep cost minimized by offering service features that reduce many programming burdens so we are able to concentrate the most attention to designs that reach your market.

We are here to help your business succeed

Whether your company is looking for help with the financial accounting functions for your business or assistance with creating and deploying you market plan, give Charley or Manny at C and M Companies Inc. a call for a free consultation.


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