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Happy and Safe Thanksgiving

Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: November 15, 2020
Updated on:
Nov 15, 2020

Stay Healthy and Safe This Thanksgiving

From our family to yours…

Manny and I wish you and your loved one’s a safe and healthy Thanksgiving this remarkable year. We must look out for each other and be kind like never before. We are grateful that your are part of our lives and want to help make our mutual existences shine with joy and content.

We are hopeful for an effective vaccination being developed and deployed to our population soon. We are thankful for tireless dedication from the frontline workers attending to those who have been afflicted by this pandemic. We are thankful that many Americans are working so hard to keep the wealth engine of our great country – Small Businesses – going through the most challenging times seen by most people alive today.

With this said, please keep positive, enjoy your families, and stay safe this autumn and winter. Let us hope that 2021 brightens for everyone.

Warmest Wishes,

Charley, Manny, and Rammy Dogs!

Pug wrapped in a blanket to look like yoda.


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