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Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: January 29, 2018
Updated on:
Jan 29, 2018

What We Do – and Don’t Do


We give our clients a competitive advantage by specializing in providing professional bookkeeping and payroll services. We are an outsourced yet personalized option offering these two services while being very dedicated to timeliness, accuracy, and value-oriented pricing. We concentrate on doing these two services really well.

We utilize Intuit’s QuickBooks Accountant™ desktop and payroll software for our clients’ bookkeeping and payroll requirements. In addition to these, we support two online software options: QuickBooks Online™ and Xero Accounting Online™.

Both founders, Charles and Manuel, have received accounting certification from Universal Accounting School in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both have received the Professional Bookkeeper designation after successful completion of this certification. Manuel has also received the QuickBooks Specialist designation.

We have been supporting Reno, Nevada area small businesses since 2011. We are bringing cloud-based accounting functionality into our business model to maintain bookkeeping records and are utilizing Hubdoc™ document automation software to manage our cloud-based services.

This sums up what services we limit our business practice to while maintaining our dedication to our clients’ success. Because of the complexities involved in starting and operating a viable and successful business venture, there are certain functionalities we do not provide in our business model.

First, we do not set up business entities due to the different state and federal requirements, regulations, and other nuances. We do not provide document preparation service that is involved in creating a business entity.  We refer our clients and prospective clients to seek and retain appropriate legal advice.

We also do not provide tax planning, tax advice, nor tax return preparation services and refer this activity to a tax professional of our clients’ or prospects’ choosing. Tax planning is a critical aspect of business planning, so I suggest getting this part taken care at the onset. It will be cheaper, in the long run, to have the entity structure and set up and the tax planning aspects professionally addressed during the beginning phases of business creation. After this is taken care of, we can support the administrative tasks that we specialize in providing for our clients.

We understand that the costs involved can be substantial. However, it becomes imperative that we suggest that the necessary due diligence is completed before the startup of operations to protect the personal assets, family resources, and the business itself from unnecessary and costly mistakes. We might have to bite the bullet and procure the necessary retainer to hire qualified advisors.

I will close by saying that Manuel and I really enjoy the bookkeeping and payroll process and providing a professional value-optimized service to Reno, Nevada and beyond small businesses. Please call to set up an individualized free consultation and see for yourself.





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