Benefits of Updated Bookkeeping

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— 3 Major Benefits of Updated Bookkeeping and Accounting Records

Knowing your company’s financial picture is key to success. A simple ratio such as your operating expense ratio (OER) can help you avoid serious problems down the road. But, to see any trends likely to affect your bottom-line, you must keep your company’s financial scorecard current. Read about these 3 important factors for keeping your accounting records accurately up to date in this Due blog post reprinted on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website.

Last week in a discussion with a business coaching client, I asked if she had updated bookkeeping and accounting records that would help her make the best business decision for a big question about her business. “No,” she replied, she didn’t have updated books. Without them, any decision regarding product lines, pricing or customer capacity is just a guess!

3 Major Benefits of Updated Bookkeeping and Accounting Records — Entrepreneur Magazine

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