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Autumn 2022

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Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: September 22, 2022
Updated on:
Nov 30, 2023

A time to reflect?

The last 2 years have been bizarre, unprecedented, fantastic, unparalleled, and so on – enough of the thesaurus please! We’ve learned that we are vulnerable. We have learned to live with more uncertainty.

Hopefully, we can learn from these experiences and improve our lives. Today is the first day of fall. For me, fall represents a time to reflect and improve. Develop ways to identify weaknesses and make my systems better.

We depend on many diverse actors to meet both our basic needs and things that help us to enjoy life. Now is the time to both reflect and look forward to a better future. A time to put into place steps to make today a better day.

Lessons learned are good. When we recognized an unsuitable situation and take steps to improve, we are mindful of our life. Constant Improvement are corporate buzzword I like to use on a personal level.

This and other personal revelations create improvement opportunities all around me. It carries over to my professional life as well as my home life.

So happy autumn to everyone – the start of the improvement season is upon us. Why wait for New Year’s resolutions when we have the slow-down before winter? Will you take advantage of this time of reflection?

Update: October 24, 2022

I wrote this theme a month ago. Halloween is a week away. The weather has finally changed and we have had our first hard frost. I like autumn because things slow a bit.

For our business, we will look at the past year to evaluate our successes and areas needing improvement. Planning for a tighter economic outlook means we tighten our belts where justified.

We are hoping for a softer landing than some economic experts are saying. If the stock markets ups and downs are any indication, this may be true. One can hope!

On another nonbusiness related topic, we are both keeping our fingers crossed that we get a better than average winter snowpack high in the Sierra’s. El Nina is saying “No” but one can hope.

Until next time, here’s to happy and successful small business operations to all.


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