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2023 Company Update

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Written by Charles Blewett

Created on: February 4, 2023
Updated on:
Nov 30, 2023

CharleyBlue Designs Dissolved

This January – can you believe it’s already past-tense? – we made the decision to close our CharleyBlue Designs division.

I started this company in 2018 and have not been able to sell enough of its services to justify continued operations. I will be transferring our websites to another hosting service. I will help the three clients transition to other WordPress Hosting provider.

Update: I kept the websites going. Transferred to different host – Cloudways by Digital Ocean.

My efforts did not pan out and it was a difficult but justified decision to close.
This means it is time to regroup.

Future plans are in the works to offer website design services utilizing the Premium WordPress Theme, Divi. Allowing me to concentrate on content creation that help businesses attract a target market audience in the digital realm.


All IRS Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statements have been delivered. Our clients and their employees now get to have the fun task of filing their income tax returns.

We continue to prepare and submit the required employer IRS and Nevada payroll forms. We also provide Workers Comp Insurance audit support. The goal is to keep our payroll clients current on their required employer obligations.


We continue to keep the financial record keeping duties at our client’s fingertips. Management decisions are much easier with the company financial reports current and available.

2023 Outlook

The pandemic has been a game changer for everyone and most human systems. We have seen work from home explode. Greater political divides getting deeper. And inflationary pressures challenge our economic stability.

Our vision is to continue to help build stronger businesses for our clients. Our accounting services focus is to keep client obligations current as well as delivering financial reports. We remain hopeful for a strong small business future for our clients and C and M Companies You can read more about our corporate mission here.


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